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About Connor Franta

Franta was born and raised in Wisconsin and is twenty-four years old. Connor Franta started his career in 2010 with YouTube, gathering more than five million followers within a few months. Before he branched out on his own channel, Franta was a part of the group Our Second Life.

One of Franta’s most popular video has about eleven million views and it is called Coming Out. This video is specifically about Connor and his experiences being gay as well as announcing it for the first time publicly. This made Connor so relatable and approachable for those who were suffering a similar issue and needed advice. After such success with YouTube, Franta was able to work on creating a clothing line and lifestyle brand called Common Culture.

In 2014, Franta was recognized by many and was nominated for a Teen Choice Award. Although he did not win, Franta was able to take that experience and grow from it. Connor Franta had gained so many fans over the last few years, he was sure to be proud of his accomplishments. In 2015, Franta was nominated again for a bunch of awards such as a Teen Choice Award and a Streamy Award. However, 2016 was the year for Franta because he won his first People’s Choice Award for Favorite YouTube Star.

Make sure to follow Connor on social media through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see what he is up to. Franta has a great personality along with a huge heart, it is hard not to love the guy. This coming year Franta will be writing a book about self-love and appreciation for your own body. He has a great head on his shoulders and many teenagers look up to Franta as their role model.

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