Scarypoolparty is an American singer and songwriter born Alejandro Aranda in 1994. He was born and raised in Pomona, California, and did not begin playing music until adulthood. Alejandro Aranda began playing the guitar and practiced singing at the age of 20 before competing in local showcases.

Alejandro Aranda would eventually perform on the seventeenth season of the television program American Idol in 2019. He would become a fan favorite and progress to the finale of the show where he was declared the runner-up. Soon after Scarypoolparty would begin working on his debut album and ink a deal with Hollywood Records ahead of his debut album release.

Alejandro Aranda has performed at many music festivals including Life Is Beautiful and the esteemed Lollapalooza, among others. Scarypoolparty has had his music featured in major publications including The Chicago Tribune and the Daily News, among others.

Scarypoolparty recently released his debut album Exit Form which was well-received among listeners and critics alike.

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