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About Angela Bofill

The American jazz and R&B singer Angela Bofill was born in 1954 in New York. Angela’s earliest work as a performer was with the Harlem Chorus, until a chance meeting with executives from GRP Records led to her first record deal in the mid 1970’s.

Bofill’s debut album, Angie, was released in 1978 to critical and commercial acclaim, and spawned the hit singles “Under the Moon and Over the Sky” and “This Time I’ll Be Sweeter.” Ten additional albums followed: Angel of the Night (1979), Something About You (1981), Too Tough (1983), Teaser (1983), Let Me Be the One (1984), Tell me Tomorrow (1985), Intuition (1988), I Wanna Love Somebody (1993), Love in Slow Motion (1996), and the live album Live from Manila (2006.) Angela Bofill’s albums gave audiences the top twenty R&B hits: “What I Wouldn’t Do (For the Love of You),” “Something About You,” “Too Tough,” “Tonight I Give In,” “I’m on Your Side,” and “I Just Wanna Stop.”

Angela Bofill continued to perform live well into the new millennium, until she suffered a series of strokes which prevented her ability to sing. Despite the limitation, Bofill does continue to make live stage performances alongside other performers. Bofill was most recently provided in the documentary film, Unsung, which released in 2012.

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