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About Alex Aiono

The singer and producer known as Alex Aiono was born Martin Alexander Aiono in 1996. Aiono was born in Arizona and grew up in the Phoenix area of the state, where he learned to play multiple instruments as a young child, including drums, piano, and guitar. Alex harbored dreams of becoming a professional musician, and the support from his family was so great that they uprooted themselves and moved to Los Angeles to five Alex a better chance at his big breakthrough.

While living with his family in a one bedroom apartment, Alex launched a YouTube channel to further promote his endeavors, and he quickly became known as an online media personality. By 2013, Aiono had released the debut single, “Doesn’t Get Better,” followed by his first EP, Young & Foolish, featuring a title track co-written by John Legend, who found himself enamored by the young artist’s talent.

By 2017, Alex’s musical gifts had garnered the attention of Interscope Records, which signed him to their label early in the year. Since that time, Alex Aiono has released the major label debut EP, Does It Feel Like Falling, featuring the singles “Does It Feel Like Falling” (featuring Trinidad Cardona) and “One At a Time” (featuring T-Pain.) Alex has also appeared on the Feder single, “Lordy,” and toured alongside William Singe on The Changes Tour.

Most recently, Alex Aiono completed his first headlining tour, The After Party Tour, in late 2017. The Feels Like Tour will follow in 2018. Aiono is clearly a young star on the rise and one to watch in the coming year; his YouTube channel followers have now risen to over five million, with more than six hundred million views of his videos.

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